Fifteenth: In which we attempt to stroll down the right path a bit

Somehow, blogging has become my procrastination that keeps me from going to bed lately. I'm sure I'm the only 23 year old on earth who thinks that going to bed at 11:00 is late, but I'm trying to reset my circadian rhythms a bit so that I can start going to the gym in the mornings before work rather than after, when I often feel too exhausted to get anything productive done.

Speaking of productivity, though, I've felt like I've had so much more of it in my life over the past several days. I've started a new hat, the Irish Hiking Hat, found on Ravelry (can we all agree that Ravelry is such an incredible resource?) and knit in Rowan Cocoon's Frost. I bought the yarn, initially, to make something for Jesse, but I want to try it for this hat, and Jesse thinks the color will make him look like an old man with grey hair, so I'm working on it for myself first to see if he still likes the pattern, and then I'll make it for him in another color if he does, as he's been requesting a hat. :) I also recently finished a custom order scarf in simple stockinette with occasional garter stitch rows for texture, but it's curling terribly in spite of the garter edging I put on in an attempt to keep it from doing so. Any pointers are welcome, of course.

In regards to my other goals, I'm doing okay. I'm reading _The Other Boleyn Girl_ right now, and I'm over 2/3 of the way through it. I'm on a bit of a historical fiction kick, though it's never been a genre I've enjoyed in the past. I think I approach historical fiction differently from most people, in that I assume that all the people, places, and major events are factually based, but that's as far as I trust it. Though, I often let the things I encounter in such works inspire me to go on encyclopedia-diving sessions. I guess I was just in a psych-and-sociology phase for so long that other works got pushed to the wayside. The book is interesting, if nothing else. I've never seen Anne Boleyn painted in such a negative light. History always seems more interesting when it's written from the point of view of the losers.

I haven't started running yet, but I'm planning to soon. I need new running shoes, since the ones that I have now aren't really suited. The bedtime routine is going well, and it's helping a little, though I still need help relaxing and drifting off once I'm in bed. I've just been having trouble quieting my mind lately. I often sleep more easily and soundly when I'm sleeping beside someone, though I haven't done that in a while...

I've been finding lots of new blogs that I'm enjoying reading, and I'm making more attempts to comments, not only because I find lurking a bit boring, but because I like the feeling of community and sharing generated by it.

For now, I'm feeling somewhat disconnected and incapable of flowing naturally from one train of thought to another, so it's off to bed with my hiking hat and my book. Bon soir.


Knitting Linguist said...

I hope that you went straight to sleep! I find (because my brain has a habit of going all monkey on me at the exact moment I lie down) that either knitting in my mind, or doing sun salutations again and again in my head when I lie down to sleep really helps to derail that train of wakeful thought :) Can't wait to see the hat!

Courtney said...

You know, it's crazy... the only thing that's been putting me to sleep effectively lately has been reading "The Golden Compass." I'm a reader, and I'm enjoying the book, but I somehow can't get through more than 2-5 pages without passing out when I read in bed at night. I'll never finish it this way!

I've had an idea for an "insomnia scarf" that would sit on my bedside and only get worked on when I couldn't sleep at night. Changing the stitch pattern or the yarn each month might be fun, just to make the scarf interesting looking and allow me to measure how much I'm not sleeping. We'll see if it comes to be!

In regards to the hat... grr. There's a post coming about it today, I think.

Thanks for writing! I'll try the sun salutation idea (or my favorites, moon salutations) next time I can't sleep.