Twenty-Fourth: Forgetful Girl

Leave it to me to come up with a fool-proof way to keep myself from forgetting things I'd like to mention in a blog entry, and then come up with a way to be a more capable fool. I tend to try to make my subject line of each post about what I'm planning to write about, but of course I left my entry for so long last time that I forgot to mention the "bugs from hell" part that so nicely rhymed and contrasted with the sweet wonderfulness of the wedding bells. In short, centipede season has apparently begun again, as my dog, Wesley, went nose to nose scary, nasty, feeler-things with one that morning. These centipedes are not the thick, relatively harmless looking things that one often finds curled at the bottom of an uncleaned pool. No, no. These are fast, nasty, spidery little critters that bite and sting and hurt. I personally haven't been bitten, but I keep a vigilant watch for the little bastards. As non-Zen and Buddhist as it is, I hate bugs.

On a non-forgetful note, I sent my Spring Swap package out (via my student assistant - love having one of those!) on Monday the 10th, and I have to say, I'm proud of the package I put together for my spoilee! I think she's really going to love it. I know I would. I took a few pictures, pre-sending. Check it out! I'm pretty proud of what I got. I wonder if the person this is for will know it's for her? Probably not, since you can't see the patterns in the picture. Anyway, I hope she loves it as much as I loved putting it together for her! Happy spring!


Knitting Linguist said...

What a great package! It's tempting enough to make me consider whether it's time to join another swap :) Meanwhile, I hope those centipedes leave you alone (shudder).

Jesse Swords said...

hmmmm, this the wikipedia link to the exact kind of disgusting, alarmingly-fast-moving centipede:

Courtney said...

Yeah, Jesse's link leads to the REAL nasty little buggers that have infested my apartment (okay, I exaggerate, but still... they're around). Check them out if you dare. :P

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I received my package and Iam shocked this was my 4th swap ever and this is the package to end all packages Iam wearing the gardenia lotion this sent has been my favorite since I was 14 yrs old and the chocolate bars I have dreamt of trying them the sheep chocolates so cute I love sheep.You shopped better for me than my husband ever has hopefully he will never read this.lolHugs Darcy